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Rye Whiskey, House Sweet Vermouth Blend, Bitters, Filtered Water

PREP: Keep batch bottle in refrigerator. Pour 5oz of batch into chilled coupe or rox glass with a big cube. Garnish with brandied cherry, lemon peel, or anything you like eating.

We heard ya missed us, so we had an idea... Introducing Cure at Home, a selection of 12 pre-mixed cocktails delivered right to your door! Each bottle serves approximately 6 people and can be stored in the fridge 'til you're ready to pour over ice (it lasts for a while, if ya catch our drift). The best part is that $5 from each purchase will be donated to a grocery fund for our temporarily displaced employees.

We're making fresh batches and delivering every Wednesday 4-9p & Saturday 1-5p, so get your orders in by 11:30p the night before! We'll reply with a delivery ETA (have ID ready) and can leave the package at your door for a safe, no-touch delivery.

[Delivering to Monroe County ONLY; for custom requests, please reply to your confirmation email after ordering.]

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